Thursday, February 10, 2011 Goodies!

Good morning nail polish-aholics! :) This Saturday evening my girlfriends and I are attending a "Get Lucky Luau" and the first thing that came to mind was "TROPICAL KONAD!" thats when you know your addicted, right? You plan your nails for an even before your outfit haha. I began with some research on google and decided the best base color would be China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy, but there was only one problem, I didn't own it! So I started browsing over at and decided it was silly to only get one color so I got 11, yet again, addicted!

L-R: Magic Attraction, Electronica, Object Of Envy, Wild At Heart, Revvolution

L-R: Cowgirl Up, Four Leaf Clover, Cherish, Pelican Gray, Flip Flop Fantasy, Stella
When I got my order I thought I had made a mistake and ordered (2) Stella's only to realize that Cowgirl Up & Stella look alike at a quick glance but once you compare them side to side they are a little different. I was very impressed with the color selection at Trans Design and the super fast shipping, I live in a small SMALL small, did I say SMALL town? We recently got a Sally's about a 2 months ago but the selection sucks and its horribly overpriced (compared to what I pay online) and they never have any of the new "collections" in! I'll be doing my "tropical manicure" tomorrow so keep your eyes out for something bright! :)


  1. Great haul! I don't think Sallys is "overpriced" I think they charge the "retail" price lol.

  2. Thanks! I've just been spoiled with online pricing, Here at Sallys a China Glaze Polish is $7.00, and online its $2.88 :(

  3. Great nailpolish haul doll!!Cant wait to see some swatches!!