My Necessities

Buffing Block: I use this if I have any stains from polish on my nails and before my base coat when doing a manicure, My natural nails are really thick so I find that "roughing them up" before the basecoat helps the color stay on longer.

Nail File: Just a basic file from Sally's nothing special, as long as it gets the job done! 

Cuticle Pusher: I use this with my "Cuticle Off" to help push & shape my cuticles.

Cotton Ball Holder: I love this little tool, it helps if I just want to remove polish from one nail an don't want to mess any of the other ones up or need to remove polish on my toes.

Scotch Tape: Always handy to keep in my nail kit, you never know when you'll get an idea for a "scotch tape manicure"

Tweezers: Perfect for picking up rhinestones or for any other nail art.

Nail Clippers: I rarely ever use these, but just incase I keep them in here, I usually just file my nails.

Cotton Balls: I go through a TON of these things! Great for removing nail polish.

Cuticle Off: A really great cuticle gel that softens your cuticles to make it easier to shape them, I am totally afraid of "clipping" my cuticles!

Seche Vite Top Coat: An amazing, amazing top coat, makes everything SO shiny! 

China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat: I find that using this makes my polish stay on for much longer than usual.

Orly Flash Dry Drops: These drops help the polish dry in about 10 minutes, I used to smudge my nails ALL the time but ever since I started using this I've been in the clear!