Monday, January 24, 2011

Thanks Zoya! :)

I was SO excited to find out the Zoya promotion for 3 FREE fullsized nail polishes on facebook, all you have to pay is $6.95 for shipping! I spent a while deciding on which colors to choose, I didn't own any Zoya polishes but had previously tried them at a local day spa, I love how they have TONS of colors, I can see the begining of a beautiful addiction.

Edyta, Savita & Nova
 These 3 were my final decisions! Such beautiful colors and Savita is actually a Matte Velvet Polish! Which 3 colors did you get in the Zoya promotion?


  1. I'm waiting on my 2 orders. I picked Happi, Adina, Isla, Tart, America, & Zara.

    That Savita is gorgeous!

  2. I started with 3 and ended up with 20. Oh, Zoya. <3